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Quantencomputer: Ein bißchen Hintergrundwissen

Zum Thema Quantencomputer habe ich auf etwas Hintergrundwissen gepostet: Zu der Frage: Wann werden quantencomputer den Markt beherrschen? Hier poste ich ein paar Details über den aktuellen Stand der kommerziellen Quantencomputer und die Pläne der Hersteller: Zu der … Continue reading

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Welche Quantencomputer gibt es bereits?

Das Thema “Quantencomputer” erscheint immer mehr in der Öffentlichkeit. Durch ihre Andersartigkeit ist es für den interessierten Laien allerdings nicht nachvollziehbar, wie der aktuelle Stand der Technik ist. Unter anderem deshalb habe ich vor drei Jahren das freie Online-Buch … Continue reading

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Quanten-Überlegenheit von Google nachgewiesen

Der Nachweis der Quanten-Überlegenheit: Was lange wärt … Bereits für 2017 hatte Google den Nachweis der Quanten-Überlegenheit angekündigt. Das Jahr verstrich ohne weitere Neuigkeiten. Im März 2018 gab Google bekannt, dass der neue Quantencomputer Bristlecone im Testbetrieb sei. Google nannte … Continue reading

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quantum computers – the quantum revolution begins

Quantum computers have the potential to change our society in a similar seminal way, that conventional computers have done up to this day. What started 30 years ago as a visionary legacy of an ingenious physicist is becoming real in … Continue reading

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Set the value of a popup lov dynamically in Oracle APEX

Dynamic Actions are a great tool in Oracle APEX and you can use them very easily in an declarative way. Yet, to set the value of a popup lov dynamically, it is easier to render the link with the java … Continue reading

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A generic data model for organigrams

During my work as an IT consultant I have also implemented systems for resource planing for many years (both objects and human resources). Based on this know-how I and my colleague have generated a generic data model for organigrams which … Continue reading

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Sending a tabular HTML report via APEX Mail

While operating a Oracle APEX application it is often necessary to send tabular SQL reports via mail. This may be an administration mail about the status of the APEX application or for  reporting data to users or stakeholder of the … Continue reading

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How to generate history tables in Oracle SQL

By enabling Oracle Flashback you have an excellent option to report and search for historical data in your Oracle tables. Yet even this option might prove to be insufficient for certain requirements or situations. E.g. if Flashback is not enabled … Continue reading

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Big Bang, dark energy, multiverses and all that

Having studied theoretical physics and math one of my passions is to keep up with later developments in this kind of science. Sometimes I listen to a podcast lecture series on my way to work. Recently I stumbled upon the … Continue reading

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Flexible Resource-Gantt-Chart with Oracle Apex and AnyChart / AnyGantt (2)

The standard charting features in Oracle Apex provide an easy and fast way to create various simple charts. After you collect more and more requirements, you will soon get to the limits of the Apex-Wizards. Yet, the Oracle Apex environment … Continue reading

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